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Rat - Voice

M. J. - Guitar

Coldface - Drum

Max Koil - Bass Guitar


They started their adventure in 2017 reviving a

2008 project in which Rat, M.J. and Coldface, to which Lone Psyco (a former bass player active until April 2019) and Max Koil.

They started playing over ten years ago doing covers of various metal artists and their own pieces. After a long period of inactivity they decided, to externalize their frustrations, anxieties and pains to take back the old project and give it new light, revolutionizing dynamic sounds and stage presence.

Their Metal is particular, ranging from powerful and heavy Riff to acoustic pieces and ballads all accompanied by powerful well-mixed distorted and clean voices.

In their albums there is a strong alternation of dynamics and sounds that lead to a whirlwind of sensations that make the listening seem like a dream journey.

Their sound is full, heavy and pounding, but also sweet and melodious, they manage to merge the whole thing trying to maintain a sound and dynamic balance on each piece so that the song goes through a breath without weighing the listener too much.

In July 2018 they released their debut album "Hope" and on March 18th 2019 they released their second album "The Curse" both with Masd Records.

In 2018 they participated in the Arezzo Wave Contest and arrived at the regional finals.

In 2019 they participated in the Treviso Rock Contest arriving second in the final

At the moment the band is engaged in promoting the new album with various live in the areas and a six-date tour abroad between October and November 2019.

I'm already working on writing the third album.

Rat Vocal 
M.J. Guitar
Max Koil Bass Guitar
ColdFace Drums